What was I thinking.

Sometimes I have no clue what is going through my head whenever I pick out my outfit for the day. Today I was putting different things on trying to see what worked. I put on this cute dress that has a neat little bow attached to the collar. It’s an adorable dress that has black little tiny polka dots. I then wanted to wear my large band fedora which I like to refer to as my “John Mayer Fedora” I put it on and was disappointed because it just didn’t work with the black and white dress. I thought to myself…Okay time to do random things to just MAKE THIS WORK. So I put on this cut off grey t-shirt over my dress in hopes that it would pull it all together. Somehow, I liked the look, all the colors were different but they all complimented each other. I slipped on some black flats and called it an outfit. What do you think? Would you ever wear something like this? photo


Beautiful Mistakes..

We all love those beautiful mistakes, and when I say that I mean those mistakes that turn out beautiful. Duh right? Like when you have a shirt on, begin to change so you change your pants and shoes first and then realize…Woah! This shirt looks adorable with this outfit. I know I always love mysterious discoveries like that. Today, I was wearing this cut off shirt that I had slept in (haha gross) put some high-waisted jeans on and some converse, and BAM cutest relaxed outfit ever. You guys can’t tell anyone that I wore a shirt that I had slept in, but for real it was way cute, even if I slept in it. I just threw on some aviators and called it a fashion statement. What can I say? I’ve got the magic in me. Hehe, honestly though, it isn’t hard to create beautiful mistakes, just make sure you always look fabulous and you should create quite a few of these. I say this a lot, as you will begin to notice…But don’t be afraid to try something new. You never quite know what will be cute, until you try it! 




Be yourself, that is when you will find your true style.


I have found that the more we try and copy others style, the more of a problem we will have with being stylish. You see, seeing and liking something that someone else made look fabulous is completely normal, but you have to ask yourself, do I really like that? Is it really something I would wear, or “pull off”? When you see something you like, don’t be afraid to try the look, but add your own flare to it. Change it to fit your style, don’t try and copy it exactly, that rarely ever works out the way we hope. The older I get, the more I notice things that I really like, but just can’t ever see myself wearing. It is very important to be yourself, wear what you like, style the things the way you like them, and then you are on the path to becoming a fashion setter instead of follower.  To be able to be happy with what you are wearing, and confident with it, makes all the difference.