Beautiful Mistakes..

We all love those beautiful mistakes, and when I say that I mean those mistakes that turn out beautiful. Duh right? Like when you have a shirt on, begin to change so you change your pants and shoes first and then realize…Woah! This shirt looks adorable with this outfit. I know I always love mysterious discoveries like that. Today, I was wearing this cut off shirt that I had slept in (haha gross) put some high-waisted jeans on and some converse, and BAM cutest relaxed outfit ever. You guys can’t tell anyone that I wore a shirt that I had slept in, but for real it was way cute, even if I slept in it. I just threw on some aviators and called it a fashion statement. What can I say? I’ve got the magic in me. Hehe, honestly though, it isn’t hard to create beautiful mistakes, just make sure you always look fabulous and you should create quite a few of these. I say this a lot, as you will begin to notice…But don’t be afraid to try something new. You never quite know what will be cute, until you try it! 





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