What was I thinking.

Sometimes I have no clue what is going through my head whenever I pick out my outfit for the day. Today I was putting different things on trying to see what worked. I put on this cute dress that has a neat little bow attached to the collar. It’s an adorable dress that has black little tiny polka dots. I then wanted to wear my large band fedora which I like to refer to as my “John Mayer Fedora” I put it on and was disappointed because it just didn’t work with the black and white dress. I thought to myself…Okay time to do random things to just MAKE THIS WORK. So I put on this cut off grey t-shirt over my dress in hopes that it would pull it all together. Somehow, I liked the look, all the colors were different but they all complimented each other. I slipped on some black flats and called it an outfit. What do you think? Would you ever wear something like this? photo


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